Abwab: Arabic-German newspapers to refugees from refugees

by ECPMF refugee journalist Ola al Jari
“Abwab” is a new newspaper produced, published and distributed in Arabic and German, in Germany. Its name means “Doors” in English and it tries to open the closed doors between refugees and German people by helping both sides to understand each other and express their concerns towards each other, as well as increasing interaction between the Arabic and German cultures. It is the first newspaper in Germany to be produced by refugees in their own words, said Abwab’s editorial team members.


Most refugees are women, yet media ignore them

by Jane Whyatt, research by Ola Aljari
The latest statistics on refugees fleeing to Europe show that most of them are women. From last year’s 41 percent, the number rose to 55 percent. According to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, Filipo Grandi, “nearly two-thirds are women and children”. Yet a hard-hitting official study detailing the trauma and sexual violence these women face has attracted almost no media coverage.